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Religion and the search for The Truth

Since childhood, I have searched for the meaning of life.

Perhaps there is no meaning, perhaps we are just amoeba – being born, reproducing, swarming briefly over the surface of a small planet, on the outer rim of a very average galaxy, and then dying – but I continue to hope that there is more than just this material existence.

For many years, I thought that others, before me, had found that meaning, so I tried following various religions. I discovered that they are just making it up as they go along. So I have formed my own beliefs, not prescribed by someone else.

In essence, my belief is this: We enter this world knowing nothing, and our survival depends on how quickly we learn. Therefore, if there is any purpose to our existence, then it is clear that that purpose must be to learn. What we learn, and what we do with that knowledge, will define us.

The universe is vast and complex, much more than just stars and the space between them, and humankind is almost certainly not the most advanced form of life within it. We have much to learn and many obstacles to overcome before we will be ready to look upon the faces of those who are, perhaps, watching our progress with interest. I reason that there must be aspects of the cosmos that exist beyond the curtain of our senses, and that all levels of the universe interact, sometimes in ways that we do not understand.

I am convinced that it is our duty to try to understand our world, in all its beautiful diversity and complexity, including its connections to other, unworldly, things, and to apply our knowledge to the betterment of everything we touch.

I have chosen to follow some of the ancient, pagan ways – not by the worship of imaginary deities, but by respecting our home. We are inextricably bound to the world upon which we live – the Earth and sun have shaped us and supported us since the first creatures swam in the seas – and I believe that we need to maintain that link. I don't tell anyone to follow me, but I try to live by the seasons, to take only what I need, and to give back as much as I can.

I believe that Love is a force of the universe, and I choose to align myself with that force. As I make my way through life, I will always try to do only good things, to show love and respect to all things, whether living or inert. I have not always succeeded, but I try to learn from every experience, and show gratitude to whoever teaches me. I hold all things sacred that concern life, nature, the planet Earth and the greater universe. If spirits of any kind should exist, I welcome only those that are motivated by goodness and love.

It is a law of science that nothing ceases to exist, it just moves into another state of being. When our bodies die, they become a different form of energy, but what becomes of our souls, the essence of our being? Do our thoughts just stop, or do we progress to another plane of existence? And if we go somewhere else, can we see our old world? Can we talk to those who live there? Some people claim to be able to communicate with 'the other side', and many people believe them.

Is there an 'other side'? If there is, what is it like? I suspect that it will turn out to be totally unlike what we have been told to expect. But, even if there is nothing to look forward to, that should not prevent us from living the best life we can.

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