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Jade Greene and the Voices

featuring cover art by Silvia Hoefnagels

Not just an adventure, more than mere magic, this book is about ecology, and young people, and how we can all learn to understand and trust and help each other to make a better world.

When Jade Greene ran away from home, sick of being ignored by her parents and bullied at school, she did not dream that she would be caught up in magical shenanigans; in fact, she would have laughed at the idea.

But the mysterious Esther Cipni needs Jade’s help to confront Sysemor, the spirit of the forest. Sysemor has cursed the Du Toit family for cutting down her trees, and it is all about to kick off.

Armed only with a small piece of green jade, and helped by two friends from the past – who she has only just met – Jade will need to learn fast and act quickly, before the conflict destroys the family and the forest.

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