Jade Greene and the Voices

Not just an adventure, more than mere magic, this book is about ecology, and young people, and how we can all learn to understand and trust and help each other to make a better world.

Three young people from different historical eras are brought together to heal a rift between their world and the Underworld.

There's magic, spirit beings, horses (well, one horse), cops, time travel, love, and misunderstandings.

14th February 2021 - A pre-publication release of this book is now available for you to download here, free, in e-pub format (suitable for reading on almost all tablets, smartphones and computers). Note that it does not have a proper cover, and has yet to be proofread and polished for official release in late February/early March. You can help me, if you wish, by giving feedback through my contact page. Thank you.

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