Lady In Waiting

Russia, a country shrouded in secrecy, ruled for centuries by a charismatic but flawed monarchy. Natalie Tereshchenko works in the household of the royal family, but she has a secret ~ she is a niece of the Tsar himself ~ although no-one will admit it.


As the Russian monarchy collapses and the country descends into civil war, the Tsar and his family are sent into exile, and the young Lady-in-Waiting must accompany them.


Sure that they will all be killed, Natalie looks for meaning in her life before it ends. When the family is slaughtered, she tries to flee, but she cannot escape her past, and she must make an agonizing decision.


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The Other Side
They wanted her to become the new Tsarina,
but Natalie had other plans

With the protection of the convent taken from her, and the discovery that she has been deceived by her own mother, Natalie must wait in Moscow for her beloved Max to arrive, so they can continue their escape to England. She takes a job as secretary within the new Communist government, knowing that her life depends on keeping her connections with the dead royal family a secret.


When Max does not arrive, she must again cross Russia searching for him, relentlessly pursued by unknown assassins. She cannot survive alone, but how can she tell who her true friends are?

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I Am Not Your Queen
Captured, paraded as the new Tsarina, how can Natalie escape all those who want her for their own plans?

For most of her life, Natalie Tereshchenko knew only royal palaces, but that ended when the Tsar and his family were murdered. Now she is a fugitive from the new Bolshevik government, and as if that were not enough, the Whites also want her to help them to re-establish the monarchy, with Natalie as Tsarina.


Seeking only obscurity, she has moved into a remote farmhouse, but she has underestimated how determined her enemies are.




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