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As well as my passion for writing, I am also a campaigner and a technology addict. I "discovered" the Linux operating system five years ago, abandoned Microsoft and Windows, and have been a Linux enthusiast ever since. It embodies two of the core principles in my life - the struggle to promote freedom of choice in all things, and my belief that the world would be a better place if we all worked together. I am a proud supporter and sponsor of the Free Software Foundation and of the SparkyLinux project.

And now, my first technical book.


While writing the Feliz independent installer for Arch Linux, I developed some functions to improve the appearance of information on a text-only display. These functions are combined in a script called Listgen, and I have written a little book to explain how these functions can be used by anyone in their scripts.


You can download a free copy in .pdf form, which can be read on most tablets, phones and PCs, or you can buy a Kindle copy or paperback from my Amazon page.

Arch Linux is an operating system that allows almost unlimited opportunities for choice, but is complex and takes quite a time to learn. However, once installed, it is similar to most other systems. To help make it easier to install Arch Linux, I wrote a program, a set of scripts, to automate the process and make it accessible to more people. The Feliz Project is my own contribution to the Linux world and the Arch Linux community, in the spirit of free and open source software. It is free to download and use, and the code is also free. It is shared under the GNU General Public License, which among other things allows you to share the program, and to modify it, but stipulates that it comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind.


Now that I am old and decrepit, my tired brain can no longer cope with the complexities of coding, so Feliz is not being updated, and is now out of date with the changes in Arch Linux. However, much of the code is still valid, so I am leaving this link here for anyone to check it out who wishes to do so.


I have tried many different versions (distributions) of Linux, but I must have reliability, because my computer is my workplace. The one I eventually settled on, one that gives me all that I ask for in an operating system, is Debian. One of the simplest ways to install a complete Debian desktop is with the SparkyLinux distribution. Sparky is easy to install and use, with many useful extras, but not heavy on computer resources, so my old PC likes it as much as I do.

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